Backlinkstock Information for Link Building

Having a website is a struggle to raise them time by time and get wider scale to reach people all over the world. People are aware that website is a key point to start branding their product, service or identity in this era. We need to think forward and be dynamic to one step forward from competitors. Creating website and use it as our branding media is always wise choice. This is an advance method in order to reach more people to acknowledge our brand and use them in term of beneficial contract. Afterwards, internet has spread too wide than we expect.

As long as internet reaches people, branding information will do the same to reach through internet with website as a place to attach. Nevertheless, it surely takes time to make our website known especially when it is related with search engine.

Search engine is one of tools to display information needed when people surf in the internet. Through search engine, the required information shall be displayed in many results. These results consist of some websites that provide wanted information to be further clicked by visitor. So, there will be a real connection between website and search engine. To make your website displayed in result, especially as top result, there will be some efforts to make to manage them well. It obviously affects your web ranking to be on top when you manage and do some management in your website. As a start, these are some basic steps to increase your website traffic.

  • Manage your website with complete and clear information in content

    Your new website is zero pages to write. To start the basic effort, you need to fill the content with information related particular theme or topic of your website. The content should be provided in complete information from many sources. Moreover, the complete information/content shall benefit you to keep people visiting your website. You don’t need to worry if people leave your website and find more complete information from other websites. As long as you have complete and clear information provided, people will have trust to surf more in your website. Then it simply increases your web traffic.

  • Manage your website with mobile friendly

    Having friendly display in your website will satisfy your visitor to have better experience in acquiring information from the content. You need to set your display of information in mobile so that people will read the information in comfortable way. As an indirect result, your website shall be visited more when your visitors are satisfied. For example, having e-commerce website, you need to manage your content as friendly as possible. Displaying products along with its complete description clearly affects visitor’s experience in shopping online. It will increase selling and buying activities in your website which simply increases the web traffic.

  • Manage your website by having some good backlinks

    Not the least, but having backlinks to support your website and increase popularity in top result is very important. Nowadays, there are many ways to boost your popularity by using many techniques in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Aside from those basic steps of increasing web traffic, backlink is one of most significant way to have better ranking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many definition stands for backlink. To have clearer explanation, these points can define backlinks:

  1. What Is a Backlink

    We usually notice that when we are visiting particular website, we may find some external link in the content as additional sources of information. This link can clicked and direct us to another website and page. Thus, backlink can be defined as a link that is put in another website to direct visitor to your website. It’s useful to make people visiting another website and find additional information in it. In another word, backlink connects two or more website to trust each other as to provide additional and valid information to visitor. Basically, having backlink brings benefit to both website. It’s mutualism symbiosis. It’s win to win solution. For example, you are managing website which contains of your company profile.

    Your company runs its business in providing transportation to port in export/import process. You write the branding related with transportation service you provide. In the last paragraph, you may introduce the visitor that to have another service in custom clearance (export/import’s documents), they may visit another website that contains of company’s profile running its business in custom clearance service. Another website can also introduce back your website in the content in case they require the service in transportation or logistic. In that case, the only thing to do is providing backlink in both of contents from the websites. It’s more likely as conducting a promotion to another website and it will promote us back in the process. Thus, this analogy can define what backlink is in general.

  2. What is Link Building

    The more we have backlink in other websites, the more we gain ranking based on search engine. However, it’s not always about quantity, it’s also about quality. Having backlink in most popular websites, high authority website and most visited website will surely increase your ranking to be in top result when search engine display the requested information from people. On the contrary, when you have backlink in most low authority and not popular website, it will only lower your ranking in search engine. From those consequences, now we are wondering how to create backlink in another website.

Obviously, there are some techniques to create backlink to our website. So, link building is defined as some techniques in creating backlink to our website. It’s a process to have our website link attached in others. By any standard, it’s a difficult process to start link building. However, when we have capability and understand the technique, it will significantly boost our website popularity in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then it simply boosts the traffic with many visitors experiencing our content in that. Before further explain about backlinks and the connection to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we need to understand about basic knowledge of how link is read and processed in SEO.

Link is created based on domain’s name of the website. It’s an item to be set as navigation to particular website when people click it. Through internet, the clicker will be directed to particular website which provides some wanted information they type in search engine. This search engine recognizes the website when it identifies the content. Nevertheless, not all website will be displayed in top result. Search engine has particular measurement on which website has most reliable and popular link with other high authority websites as reference. Therefore, it is truly important that we need technique to optimize the beneficial connection between backlink and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Apparently, one of technique frequently used is link building. Although it’s the hardest effort to execute, but still we can earn valid benefit in search engine’s ranking. Sometimes, building a link is not entirely what we can control. It’s more liked impossible to start business relationship and have a great deal to ask these popular websites to put our link in their content. However, these strategies can be controlled and managed by us. The more important is, it’s free and need a lot of hard work to function:

  1. Create complete, actual, trending interested content to promote. Actually, having high quality content will help your website to be ranked in search engine. It’s one of factor stated by Google. In fact, visitor will like the content and may spread them to their colleagues. It’s a promotion after all.
  2. Building good relationship with blogger or people with large social media follower will benefit you. You may offer your product, service and brand in your website to be reviewed by these influencers.
  3. Having partner is always wise to work and develop things together. You may ask people you know, your partner to link to your website. However, you need to be in the same page with him. As relevance matter, the related content of your teammate can work well linked to yours when it’s in similar industry.
  4. Why are Backlinks Important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    As stated before, there is special connection between backlink and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is naturally based on what is search engine capable in put website to display as search result. There’s parameter to rank your website. Once your website can achieve the optimization collaborated with SEO’s metric, it will be a success to have yours in top search result and earn many traffic website day by day.

The important of backlink related with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined further in how backlink can be trustworthy to be on top search result. As we know, backlink is last forever as long as the website is still operating. To face Google complex algorithm, there is now way we can do but to do maximum effort in attaching our link to other website so that our website deserve to be visited. Search engine have some factors to determine which website to display in top result. These can point out the factors:

  1. More backlink tends to drive search engine to consider your website as popular and trustworthy source
  2. More high authority and popular website attached with your backlink will drive your website better in ranking rather than more backlink attached in many low authority websites and new websites. In fact, having backlink in new website and low authority website will only drive yours to lower your ranking.
  3. Content and anchor text affects your website to compete with others in top search result. We usually find that some particular contents in popular website discuss about particular topic with some keyword phrase. For instance; you are managing website which explains about export/import process which concerns ‘the important of complete custom documents. Meanwhile a particular high authority and popular website has related content regarding export/import and use phrase ‘important custom documents’ in the page. This is somehow linking your website and the possibility of having higher web rank is earned when your page is displayed as one of top search results. Therefore, the creation of content, the use of keyword and phrase can determine your website in ranking parameter based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In brief, to have better chance, you need to consider wisely the anchor to use in your content, to put the anchor in the right page to anticipate your potential visitor is satisfied in reading them and ensure the that you have more anchor to put in all of your content.

    Again, reviewing on ‘what is so important about backlink compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)’, now we roughly understand that link matters the ranking method. Link matters the visibility of search engine result. Link matters the important factor to introduce your website wider and wider. In fact, the ranking method is evolving from time to time. In the past, Yahoo, Alta Vista and other search engines rank website and display the result based on 100% content in webpage. Nowadays, the parameter has changed. Google as main player in search engine also analyze how many website linked to specific page. Therefore, it’s well said to take more concern on considering backlink and link building as your main effort.

  4. How To Find Backlinks

    After having some explanation with backlink, ranking factors and the correlation between link and search engine, now we wonder how to find backlink in order to check and seek for opportunity. This opportunity may vary which depends on your intention. Commonly, people intend to find more backlinks so that they can develop their new websites to put on competition in earning top search result. There are some available tools to check and find backlink along with some steps. However, you can easily find backlinks by visiting There, you can find many backlinks from most high authority websites. As provided, these backlinks shall come to more benefit when you intend to learn their strategy of using anchor text, keyword or phrase, and any other techniques. Mainly, you can choose what content to write when you have list of popular backlinks connected to popular website. It’s all there!