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Guest Post Or Comment Backlink

Nowadays, there are many online forums and communities to discuss particular topic. This forum is accessible to anyone through internet. Some forums require a profile account for visitor to participate in the discussion or to become an author in guest post. The activity is intended to solve social issues, politics, technology and others. Moreover, it’s also a place to share information amongst users. The online discussion is performed in both ways, posting or commenting. These two represent communication activity with sharing and response value.

Through online discussion, people can enlarge their insight and participate in the discussion to provide more reliable information in the debate. Post or comment can be performed in many platforms such as Kaskus, Wordpress and other bloggers. Now, in the reality, the comment and guest post are used to promote their website through backlink. The further discussion is provided below:

What is Guest Post or Comment Backlink?

Sometimes, we find comment and guest post which contain of backlink to particular website. Usually, this backlink navigates us to specific URL of a website to support as additional information from author’s post or comment. Indeed, the main function is to interactively communicate and share to other users. However, people can put specific backlink in narration to support their statement and perform branding in the same time. Moreover, this backlink is visible to other users who following the discussion. Then it will lead them to click the link and visit the website. The occasion is common now especially performed by web creator to boost the ranking.

Guest Post or Comment Backlink for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now we realize that the occasion of posting and commenting from users in particular forum carry another intention. It is related with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. Apparently, when people follow some online discussion and participating in the comment or becoming the author of certain post, they will be noticed from other users. Not only had the content of their comment or post, but also the link inserted as supportive item. In internal perspective, it’s website promotion to introduce to other users. Then in external perspective, this shall affect your website visibility for having a backlink in large website forum. This SEO technique is never old-fashion compared to another technique. It will always develop your website start from having an increase in web traffic until getting higher ranking of Google measurement in DA (Domain Authority). It’s still worthy to try.

How to Get Guest Post or Comment Backlink

It’s quite similar with web 2.0 backlink. You will need to be participant in most online forums. Creating more profile account and using the facility to perform post as a guest of the website and actively comment to other post and relate the response to your backlink. Don’t forget to keep your post and comment connected to your backlink. It’s necessary to maintain relevance of your website. Further explanation on how to get this backlink, you may visit It’s a best place to work with your SEO. You can visit the website to get guest post or comment backlink easily. It also provides you with various samples of guest post and comment located in most large online forum. This backlink can optimize search engine as your own requirement.