SEO Tutorial

   SEO Tutorial

SEO Tutorial

For all internet marketer or blogger, SEO is quite familiar for them. SEO or search Engine Optimization is the way to optimize Google as the searching engine so it will increase the traffic or visitor to our site. Most blogger or marketer use SEO to make customer easier to find the site in Google.

In addition, the site that applies great SEO will get better rank on the page result in the search engine. In this case, the searching engine will put the site on the first page of the searching result. Commonly, people tend to open the result on the first page only to get the information that they need.

In order to get those benefits, blogger and internet marketer must understand how to apply SEO on its website. SEO application is divided into two, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO

Simply, On-page SEO is described as optimizing the face or the look of the site itself so Google can recognize it easily. On-page SEO will optimize the whole landscape or look of the page so Google can recommend the site to all users.

The key point of On-page SEO is the content made by blogger or internet marketer so it will look more SEO-friendly. In addition, once you optimize On-page SEO, you also need to pay attention :

-       URL title

-       Internal Link

-       Meta Description

-       Inserted Picture

-       Tag Title

Here are some simple ways to optimize the On-page SEO:

a.     Make interesting Title for articles or content

b.     Add more pictures or videos and optimize them

c.     Using heading and subheading

d.     Make the site Mobile Friendly

  1. Off-page SEO

While on-page SEO focuses on our site (internal), Off-site page focuses on the external factors. Off-page SEO will optimize the site using link building or backlink so it will make the site more credible or trusted. Google as the searching machine will recommend the more credible site to users by giving users more recommendations from external link.

The key point of Off-page SEO are as follow:

a.   Using Link Building with PA and DA

PA or page authority and DA or Domain authority are used to measure the quality of link of certain page site. Once you use backlink, you can check its quality so it will be useful for your page.

b.  Use Backlink

Backlink is link made by other blogger which is directed to our site and increase the traffic. However, it is important to choose the great backlink that is not harmful for our page. We can get the backlink from website with great page authority (PA), sharing link do follow, and relevant with our content

c.  Deciding Link DoFollow and Link NoFollow

Google cannot detect all link made by blogger if it is categorized as Link NoFollow. Link No Follow will help you to increase the traffic. Then, link DoFollow will improve the Page Authority of your website.

Well, that’s all the information about the SEO Tutorial that you can get. If you want to know more about how to develop websites and SEO strategy you can bookmark us here in We provide all information about websites, backlink and SEO strategy that might be helpful for you.